Former 'Ventura County Star' Cartoonist Reflects on Layoff, One Year Later

By: E&P Staff Editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg marked his one year anniversary of being laid off with a blog post Tuesday on Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoonists Index Web site (

Greenberg describes the circumstances of his departure from the Ventura County (Calif.) Star, saying, "it was as if I?d been on a long journey on a bus, and then that bus abruptly pulled over to the side of the road, forced me out and drove away ? leaving me in the middle of nowhere.?

The cartoonist goes on to detail his attempts -- and some successes -- at freelancing and the other challenges that came with being a laid-off artist in a suffering job market.

Since leaving his position at the Star, where he had worked since 2002, Greenberg has had cartoons published in the alt-weekly Ventura County Register, local news blog, the Los Angeles Times and various European cartoon affiliates.

However, Greenberg points out that despite his successes, his past year has not been easy. Many of his cartoons went unpublished, very few non-cartooning jobs were available, and in September he was temporarily blinded in one eye by a retinal detachment, making it difficult to draw and rendering him dependent on his wife?s health benefits and his own disability checks.

Greenberg summarizes his one year anniversary of being laid off by saying in the blog post:

?So here I am, a year out of work. On the one hand, I?m pretty much a full-time editorial cartoonist again ? I?ve become an online cartoonist, a niche cartoonist and an alt-weekly cartoonist. In some ways, my visibility has never been greater."

Check out the full post, here.


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