Four Leading Hispanic Cartoonists to Guest on Sunday 'Baldo' Strips

By: Elaine Williams In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos -- co-creators of the comic strip "Baldo" -- are stepping aside and allowing four leading Hispanic cartoonists to take the reins of their creation for the next four Sundays.

David LeBatard, aka LEBO, Carlos Saladana (?Burrito?), Anthony Oropeza and Lorenzo Lizana (?Amigoman?) and David Alvarez (?Yenny?) were invited to create a Sunday "Baldo" strip. The strips will run throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. LeBatard?s comic will appear first, on Sept. 27.

"Baldo" is a daily comic strip syndicated by Universal Uclick featuring the exploits of teenager Baldo Bermudez and his family. The strip provides a warm and gently humorous look at the Latino experience while offering a take on what it's like to be young in modern America.

Readers can see the guest-illustrated "Baldo" comics in their local paper or can have the strips sent to their e-mail by signing up for a free account at

"The artists were free to really explore any message they wanted to deliver," Castellanos said in a statement. "It could have been their own artistic interpretation of Hispanic Heritage Month, being Hispanic/Latino or their own interpretation of Baldo using their own style and or characters with virtually no direction from us in a stand alone Sunday strip format.?

"Of course they're all pros, so they all did a remarkable job," Cantu added in a statement. "LeBatard's art is beautiful and captures a lot about Baldo. Saldana uses his Burrito character for a great take on Spanglish, and Oropeza and Lizana gave us a dramatic meeting between Amigoman and Baldo. Of course Alvarez graces Baldo with his beautiful Yenny."

"We know readers will enjoy these artists and hopefully learn a little more about them and their work," Cantu added.


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