Fran Zankowski takes reins as Indy publisher; nonprofit stabilizes

Fran Zankowski
Fran Zankowski

Fran Zankowski is returning to the Colorado Springs Indy as its new publisher.

Zankowski is no stranger to the organization; he joined Colorado Publishing House — the then-for-profit umbrella company that owned the Indy and Pikes Peak Bulletin and later the Colorado Springs Business Journal, Southeast Express and more — as general manager and advertising director in 2006, before being promoted to CEO in June 2012. He left CPH in December 2015 to lead the Boulder Weekly.

"I feel called to come here and work to bring back and create a new version of our liberal progressive newspaper," Zankowski says of his return. "After being here 10 years, I feel incredibly attached to this community; I have a lot of friends here. It really was very welcoming to me when I came here. I would like to return, in some small gesture, what people gave to me when I was here."

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