FRIDAY'S LINKS: Bartiromo Q&A With Zell, 'NYT' and Shareholders, Frank Rich and Imus

By: E&P Staff In today's links, William Powers says old and new media feed off of each other, Michael Miner looks at the Chicago Tribune's troubled history with the Jews, and Scott Sherman looks at the $1M-per-month money pit that is the New York Sun.


-- Chicago Reader: The Tribune has a long and bumpy history with area Jews. Now it's owned by one, notes Michael Miner.

-- BusinessWeek: But no Thrilla-in-Manila showdown looms between The New York Times and its shareholders, writes Jon Fine.

-- The Nation: The New York Sun functions as a journalistic SWAT team against individuals and institutions seen as hostile to Israel and Jews, writes Scott Sherman.

-- Washington Post: Kurt Vonnegut helped us find joy in outrage, writes Bob Thompson.

-- BusinessWeek: Maria Bartiromo interviews new Tribune owner Sam Zell.

-- Marketwatch: N.Y. Times columnist Frank Rich hadn't ruled out going on Imus' show.

-- CJR Daily: With troop tours extended, bloggers debate service.

-- National Journal: New and old media vet one another's work, each helping us to unclutter and winnow the content from the other side, writes William Powers.

-- AFP via Yahoo: The Los Angeles Times and Paramount studios have reached a settlement with authorities over a publicity stunt for "Mission: Impossible III" that sparked a bomb scare, prosecutors said Thursday.


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