FRIDAY'S LINKS: Protest Over of 'AJC' Book Review Cut, Second Pact in Seattle JOA Settlement, Protest Over Pulitzer

By: E&P Staff In today's links, Jack Shafer says that NBC was right to show the Cho video, Bruce Shapiro wonders what the "narrative" of the Virginia shootings will end up as, and literary voices criticize the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's decision to get rid of its book review editor.


-- Slate: NBC News needn't apologize to anybody for originally airing the Cho videos and pictures, writes Jack Shafer.

-- Portfolio: Billionaire Emigrant CEO Milstein buys a stake in the New York Times.

-- Westword: The profoundly human yearning to impose a narrative line on chaotic tragedy leaves the meaning of an event like Virginia Tech up for grabs, writes Bruce Shapiro.

-- Publishers Weekly: Atlanta's literary community rallies against The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's elimination of the position of book review editor.

-- National Journal: Consumers spend more and more of their media time in demographic ghettos defined by ideology, sensibility, and other sources of tribal identity, writes William Powers.

-- Reuters: A human rights group calls on Egypt to release a journalist who criticized torture.

-- NY Sun: A feature by a New York Times reporter, Andrea Elliott, that this week was awarded a Pulitzer Prize has come under fire from critics because it did not mention that a murderer who committed a 1994 terrorist attack had been incited by a former imam at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge, as well as for portraying a succeeding imam as moderate when he had praised the leader of Hamas and a female suicide bomber.

-- I Want Media: Craig Newmark insists Craigslist isn't a media menace.

-- San Diego Union-Tribune: Geffen's star power could light up the L.A. Times.

-- Seattle Times: In addition to a revised joint-operating agreement (JOA), The Seattle Times Co. and The Hearst Corp. signed a second document -- which has not been made public -- when they settled their four-year-old legal dispute, The Times disclosed Thursday.


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