Front-Page Ad Debuts At Chicago Tribune

By: E&P Staff The first front-page ad ran in Monday's editions of the Chicago Tribune, an appearance Publisher Scott C. Smith explained to readers was "the beginning of a program to present high-quality advertising messages in that position to our readers."

The Chicago Tribune and other Tribune papers earlier this month announced it would start selling ads on their front pages and some section fronts.

It was a low-key debut. Monday's ad was about 1 1/2 inches deep and across all six columns at the bottom of the page. The ad, for the Chicago area mattress retailer Back To Bed, was far less conspicuous than the front-page ads that are appearing with increasing regularity across the nation. Monday, The Wall Street Journal ran a 1/8-page ad for ExxonMobil, for instance.

The Tribune ran a larger ad on its business section front.

"Our fundamental commitment to presenting the most interesting news, selected by our editors for these pages, independent of advertising content, is unaltered," Smith wrote. "The revenue generated by the new ads also will play an important role in funding the fist-rate journalism and customer service we are committed to delivering each and every day."


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