GALLUP: Romney Fades, But Dems Barely Edge McCain and Rudy

By: E&P Staff While much appears to be going the Democrats' way in public opinion, it is not really translating in presidential election heats -- and now Mayor Mike Blomberg might enter the race as an independent, which might hurt the Dems, as well.

A new Gallup poll finds the three leading Democratic contenders barely edging the top Republicans. The only exception is that former Gov. Mitt Romney fares very poorly. At the same time, former Sen. John Edwards appears to be soaring.

The June 11-14 polls finds Sen. Hillary Clinton besting Sen. John McCain 48% to 46%, Sen. Barack Obama topping him 49% to 46% and Edwards, surprisingly, with the biggest edge, 50% to 44%. The numbers for a race against former Mayor Rudy Giuliani are almost the same.

Romney, however, trails each of the three Democrats by wide margins: losing to Clinton by 13%, to Obama by 21% and to Edwards by a whopping 29%.

McCain's strength -- despite several apparent setbacks -- has held very steady this year in these heats, while Giuliani has faded.


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