Gannett to Consolidate Ad Operations in Indy, Des Moines

By: Joe Strupp Gannett Co. Inc. will create consoldiated advertisement production centers at The Indianapolis Star and the Des Moines Register that will serve its entire U.S. newspaper operations, according to a Star Web story.

The consolidation is expected to result in further job cuts, according to an internal memo, first provided by the Gannettoid blog.

?While there will be staff reductions at our newspaper operations because of this consolidation, retention considerations will be addressed as each operating unit is notified and the roll out period begins at that unit,? one memo stated. ?We will let everyone know more about this as quickly as we can.?

The same memo adds, ?These centers will be responsible for many prepress functions throughout U.S. Community Publishing, including image processing, receiving and processing electronic ads, ad building, spec ads and ad outsourcing.

?This effort will give Gannett sites and their customers access to the latest technology, enhancing customers? experiences by allowing them to become more involved in the ad submission and proofing process through the use of Ad Tracker On Line (ATOL). ATOL will be used to e-mail submission links to the advertisers -- which then will allow them to submit ads and proof them via the Internet. Sites will also have access through this web portal to the Gannett Creative Library to provide their customers with as many spec ad options as possible. For U.S. Community Publishing sales people, this new effort will allow them to focus more on sales and less on administrative duties.?

"Rollout will begin in November 2009 with Des Moines and Iowa City being the first sites to go live. The Indiana group of newspapers will then follow.
Beginning in February, the focus of conversion will be on the larger sites, followed by the remaining sites.?

Gannett officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

The Star online story adds that its new ad hub will employ 30 people early next year, with a potential expansion to 100, according to John Kridelbaugh, Star Media vice president of market development and digital.

It noted that Gannett had previously located four other regional and national operations with more than 100 employees in Indianapolis. They included a photo-toning center and a digital employment sales center.


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