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The first generation of truly digital natives is expanding, accounting for 40 percent of global consumers. The audience is diverse with almost half coming from communities of color. And being extremely digitally savvy, social media is the primary touchpoint in their daily lives.

News organizations are challenged to remain relevant amid the pervasiveness of digital media. CNN Newsource examined Generation Z and how to appeal to this emerging audience. Findings of the report show that Generation Z seeks truth and wants instant gratification from the news they consume.

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Generation Z is inclusive and accepting of different truths even if they don’t agree with them. They are also practical, being less idealistic and more analytical, searching for the truth behind everything. 

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CNN Newsource offers a few suggestions for news publishers who wish to attract and retain Generation Z audiences: 

  • Make the news experience feel as easy and accessible as Netflix.
  • Cover broader topics, like art, culture activism, the environment and the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Focus on human stories with touches of informality. Offer honest opinions from real people.
  • Produce stories that inspire your audience about the possibility of change and provide a path to positive action
  • Include a variety of genuine opinions and be direct to explain complex stories without dumbing it down. 

This free report is yours to download now from CNN Newsource.


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