Google Introduces New AdSense Features

By: E&P Staff Google launched two new Google AdSense features today, continuing the company's effort to provide publishers with the easiest and most effective contextual advertising program, it said in a statement.

The new features are Ad Links by Google, which provides publishers with another way to earn revenue and a new way to offer their users more information, and a test of Electronic Funds Transfer, which enables publishers' earnings to be deposited directly into their bank accounts.

The Ad Links are a new form of text-based advertising for publisher pages. Publishers simply place the Ad Links code on their Web pages, and Google uses its ad-targeting technology to populate a new ad unit with contextually relevant topic titles. When users click any of these topics, they are taken to a page with related ads. These ads provide additional related information for users, while publishers benefit from the revenue on ad clicks.

In addition to new revenue opportunities, Google is also making AdSense easier for publishers by enabling them to participate in a test of Electronic Funds Transfer for AdSense payments. The funds-transfer test enables publishers to choose to have their AdSense earnings deposited directly into their bank account and greatly speed up and simplify the payment process.


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