Greensboro Paper Cuts 41 Staffers

By: E&P Staff The News & Records in Greensboro, N.C., a Landmark paper, announced this afternoon that it is laying off 41 staffers.

Word came from President and Publisher Robin Saul.

The News & Record on its Web reported tha Saul revealed that the paper had suffered the same ad revenue declines other in the industry have faced. But he added: "The effectiveness of the newspaper's daily operations will not be jeopardized. We remain committed to providing both excellent journalism and the highest level of customer satisfaction."

The paper reported the following on its site.

The number of employees laid off represents less than 10 percent of the company's workforce. Those employees were offered severance packages based on how long they were with the company.

"We regret the loss of the positions and are working with the displaced employees," Saul said.

The expanding use of the Internet for news, information and advertising has placed traditional news companies in an increasingly competitive environment. Many newspaper companies, including the News & Record, are in the process of reinventing themselves to serve customers in new and different ways.

"This action was taken after careful consideration of the marketplace, the changing media environment and the needs of our readers and customers," Saul said. "We believe this action will not adversely impact our position as the market share leader in advertising and readership. Meanwhile, we will continue our strategies of innovation and developing new products for print, online and mobile."


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