Halifax Pastor Threatens to Pull Ads Over Falwell Cartoon

By: E&P Staff A Canadian pastor said he would pull his ads from The Daily News of Halifax after the paper published a Michael deAdder editorial cartoon showing the late Jerry Falwell in hell, Daryl Cagle reported today on his cartoon blog.

The pastor, Perry F. Rockwood of Halifax, also wrote a Daily News letter to the editor that included these comments: "Jerry Falwell was a Bible Christian, a Bible preacher, and a respected leader for those who believe in the Bible. What is wrong with that? I know his stand on homosexuality was not popular but it was a Bible stand. God's Word teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

"The same-sex marriage law is an abomination. The whole scene reeks with the stench of Sodom. Whoever it is, wherever, and whenever it is, it has no place in Christian circles or in any decent human society."

But deAdder -- whose Daily News cartoons are syndicated by Artizans.com -- said the majority of people posting on his blog approved of the cartoon, which can be seen here.

"For all his preaching about love and forgiveness, Falwell himself practiced hate and intolerance," said deAdder. "He has hurt many people in his life, he has done more damage than good, and he has done this under the guise of doing what's 'moral.'

"I really don't think Falwell will find himself in hell. The God Falwell preached about was far more forgiving than that. ... But, to me, it's not off the mark to depict Falwell arriving in hell, at least in a cartoon. Especially the way it was drawn. It's not exactly Dante's Inferno. It's a cartoon hell with a cartoon character as the main element."


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