Hillary Announces Official Campaign Song -- With 'Sopranos' Spoof

By: E&P Staff On the one hand, the winning campaign song is by Celine Dion. On the other: Sen. Hillary Clinton did announce the winner in a clever spoof on the recent 'Sopranos' finale. It's sure to be a hot topic on Web sites today and in print tomorrow.

At the Caucus blog at www.nytimes.com, Kate Phillps quickly judged that it "by far, represents the best campaign spot we?ve seen this season - yes it is still early."

Clinton had thrown the voting open to fans of her race for president, who could make a pick online from a short list, featuring artists from Shania Twain to The Temptations. The video, posted on her site today, shows her waiting in a diner, looking at a jukebox, as a certain Journey song plays faintly in the background. A mystery man enters and approaches the table (not wearing Members Only) -- no, it's not Dick Morris. Turns out to be her husband.

Bill sits down and she asks him where's Chelsea. He replies that she is parking the car, as we see her having trouble doing it. Hillary says she has ordered for the table, as carrot sticks. Bill wonders why she didn't order onion rings.

Hillary continues to look at the jukebox as Bill says he wants the Smash Mouth song to win the contest. A menacing figure gets off a stool and walks past them to the bathroom -- it's "Johnny Sack" from 'The Sopranos."

As Hillary is about to play the winning number, the screen, of course, goes blank....and you have to click on another button to discover that the winner is...Celine Dion's "You and I."

Presumably no one got shot, except on film. It's not known if Dion (who is Canadian) backs Clinton.

It's at www.hillaryclinton.com.


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