In Canada, Boomers Love Print

By: Jennifer Saba New research shows that the baby boomers in Canada continue to embrace print newspapers. According to a new study from the Newspaper Audience Databank (NADbank), daily newspapers in Canada reach 56% of adults 40 plus on the average weekday and 78% each week.

"Their readership habits have changed little over the past 20 years despite intense media fragmentation and technological innovation resulting in a 'media everywhere' marketplace," the study found.

In the 16 Canadian markets measured by NADbank, adults 40 plus represent 60% of the adult population.

Boomers read more and linger longer with the daily than young adults. Monday to Friday, boomers read on average 5.4 issues per week compared to 4.8 issues with young adults. On weekends, boomers read more than three out of four Saturday and Sunday papers.

On the weekend, boomers on average spend 105 minutes with the paper while those under 40 spend on average 67 minutes.

The study also found that boomers prefer broadsheet and surprisingly tabloid formats more then their younger counterparts. Seventy-one percent of those over 40 read a broadsheet "yesterday" while only 29% of those under 40 did the same. For tabloids, 62% of adults 40 plus read the format yesterday compared with 38% of those under 40.

It's an even split when it comes to the Internet: Fifty percent of adults over 40 read a newspaper online during the week as do 50% of adults under 40.


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