In Upcoming Memoir, Novak Reportedly Expresses No Regrets About Plame Case

By: E&P Staff Robert Novak, the longtime columnist best known for outing a CIA agent four years ago, has written an autobiography slated to be published July 10 by Crown Forum. It's titled "The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington."

Booklist said Novak "expresses no regrets" in the memoir about revealing the identity of Valerie Plame. In fact, the conservative Chicago Sun-Times/Creators Syndicate pundit reportedly has some barbed words for Plame's husband -- former ambassador Joseph Wilson -- in the 672-page book.

Many believe Bush administration officials leaked Plame's name to Novak in retaliation for Wilson's 2003 New York Times Op-Ed piece questioning the White House's Iraq War policies.

Novak, 76, also uses his memoir to recall his 1950s stint with the Associated Press, his 1963 to 1993 column collaboration with Rowland Evans (who died in 2001), his cable TV work, his encounters with various politicians, and other subjects.


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