Industry Leaders Offer Their Post-COVID Predictions


With a world permanently changed from a global pandemic, what is in store for the news publishers, and how should we best meet the challenges ahead. E&P assembled four industry leaders to offer their thoughts on:

-> The value of media companies today and what will we be worth as we put COVID-19 behind us

-> Are philanthropic revenue opportunities or non-profit models a realistic way to help offset content creation costs?

-> What is the future of maximizing consumer revenue for the news we produce, and can we expect it to grow in the months to come?

-> Should we look at partnerships with tech media like Facebook and Google or continue to fight for compensation for the news they monetize?

-> How do we find new talent and build critical diversity in our industry, and what priority should we place on having our newsrooms reflect the communities we serve?

In this segment of "E&P REPORTS," Publisher Mike Blinder poses these questions and more to

Dave Chavern
President and CEO at News Media Alliance

Nancy Lane
CEO at Local Media Association & Local Media Foundation

Dean Ridings
CEO at America's Newspapers

Tracie Powell
Program Officer at Borealis Philanthropy
Organizations for reference mentioned by Ms. Powell during this segment:

Epicenter NYC (newsletter in Jackson Heights, NY run by Mitra Kalita) 

MLK50: Justice Through Journalism (news site in Memphis, TN run by Wendi Thomas)

Documented (WhatsApp newsletter and website for NYC immigrants run by Mazin Sidhamed) 

PushBlack (Facebook Messenger Texting Product, newsletters, virtual events and podcasts for young African Americans run by Julian Walker)

FlintBeat (Website, newsletter based in Flint, MI run by Jiquanda Johnson) 

Outlier (Texting product for Detroit's low-income residents run by Sarah Alvarez and Candice Fortman)

Sahan Journal (Website based in Minneapolis, MN focused on immigrants and communities of color. Run by Muhktar Ibrahim)

The Triibe (Events and website focused on Chicago's young Black community run by Morgan Johnson and Tiffany Walden)

El Tecolote (Events, website, newspaper for Bay Area immigrants and immigrant LGBTQ people run by Fatimah Ramirez)

Enlace (Podcasts, website, newsletters for immigrants living in North Carolina's Triangle region run by Paola Jaramillo)

QCity Metro (events, newsletter and website focused on Charlotte, NC's Black community run by Glenn Burkins)


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