Inland survey: Ad linage better at smaller papers p.

By: Editorial Staff THE INLAND PRESS Association found that daily newspapers with circulations of less than 10,000 fared better in advertising linage in 1993 than those with circulations of more than 30,000, measured against the same month in 1992.
In the less-than-10,000-circulation group, the increase in total retail linage ranged from 11.2% in January 1993 compared to January 1992 to 0.2% in September 1993 compared to September 1992. Classified advertising linage in the smaller newspapers also showed a range of gains, from a 9.2% gain in September 1993 from September 1992 to a 1.6% January 1993 gain from January 1992.
In the more-than-30,000-circulation group, newspapers showed retail run-of-press linage decreases in each of the nine month-to-month comparisons year-to-date. The largest decrease, 12.6%, was in March 1993 compared to March 1992. The smallest retail decrease was 0.1%, in January 1993 compared to January 1992. Classified linage rose 7.8% in January 1993 from January 1992 and 9.9% in September 1993 from September 1992.
Preprints showed increases in newspapers in all size ranges. Increases in full-run preprints from January through September 1993 compared to the same period in 1992 were reported by 86% of the less-than-10,000-circulation newspapers; 40% of the 10,000-to-15,000-circulation newspapers; 71% in the 15,000-to-20,000-circulation range; 80% in the 20,000-to-30,000-circulation group; and 63% in the more-than-30,000-circulation group.
Inland's monthly linage survey lists monthly and year-to-date comparisons for retail, classified, national and legal totals in participating daily newspapers.


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