Introducing 'Hard Fork,' a new podcast from The New York Times


Will the metaverse actually exist, or is it just a marketing ploy? What’s going on with AI-generated art? Is the era of social media over, and what’s going to replace it?

Questions like these need answers. And “Hard Fork,” a new podcast from The New York Times, is here to help.

Each week, veteran tech journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton discuss the latest stories in the world of tech and business, bringing listeners news, interviews and analysis from the bleeding edge. With curiosity and humor, “Hard Fork” explores stories from the wild frontier of tech and the future that’s already here.

“The tech industry we’ve both covered for more than a decade is transforming into something new and strange, and this show is our way of trying to understand what’s happening and explain it to listeners,” said Kevin and Casey. “It’s a smart, casual conversation that tells you where tech and business are going without overwhelming you — and might even give you some reasons for hope.”

“I’m so excited for this show. Kevin and Casey make tech so understandable, relevant and relatable, with such ease. Plus, they are sometimes funny together,” said Paula Szuchman, director of audio, The New York Times.

Kevin Roose is a tech columnist for The New York Times, the host of the “Rabbit Hole” podcast, regular guest and guest-host of “The Daily,” and the best-selling author of three books, most recently “Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation.”

Casey Newton is an independent journalist who covers social networks and next-generation technology platforms. He is the founder and editor of Platformer, a newsletter about the intersection of tech and democracy.

The first episode of “Hard Fork” premieres on Oct. 7. New episodes drop weekly on Fridays. Listeners can subscribe wherever they get their podcasts.

Earlier this fall, The Times launched “The Run-Up,” a podcast aimed at making sense of this unparalleled political moment. “Hard Fork” joins “The Run-Up” and The Times’s slate of existing shows and series, including “The Daily,” “Modern Love,” “Still Processing,” “The Book Review,” “Popcast,” “The Ezra Klein Show,” “First Person” and “The Argument.”


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