Investment Security Pays

By: Press Release | Ferag

Al-Ahram is bringing its Ferag mailroom technology up to the state of the art. Within the context of a retrofit program, three ETR-H series inserting drums that were installed in 1996 have been equipped with new components from the MultiSertDrum generation. As part of a second stage, the intermediate storage and winding periphery has been replaced by the latest MultiDisc technology. The three high-performance inserting lines were commissioned by Al-Ahram some 18 years ago. At speeds in excess of 70,000 copies an hour, the ETR-H inserting drums are in a position to add up to four preprints and supplements to the newspapers, online. Thanks to processing in 2:1 mode, the system operates at half speed in relation to its net production output. This is a major reason why the Ferag processing system can still deliver top results in terms of dependability and efficiency, and why the technology is in good mechanical condition. For the management team, the next logical step was to modernize the installation with a relatively inexpensive Ferag retrofit program and thus exploit the system’s efficiency for years to come.

When updating the winding technology, the customer benefited from the option to equip Ferag technology from an earlier generation with the latest periphery. With the 18-year-old inserting technology, compatibility with MultiDisc remained assured. Such investment security is a key reason for the publisher of Al-Ahram to pass a further vote of confidence in Ferag.


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