Iraqi Artist Wins International Editorial Cartoon Competition

By: E&P Staff Iraqi Ambassador Howar Ziad accepted an international award on behalf of Iraqi cartoonist Mohammed Al-Adwani yesterday at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

The cartoon competition -- which marked World Press Freedom Day -- was put on by the National Press Club of Canada, the Canadian Newspaper Association, and UNESCO. It drew 773 entries from 53 countries.

Al-Adwani's cartoon shows an Iraqi newspaper carrier who has to work with four bodyguards by his side.

"This cartoon brilliantly depicts the challenges facing the Iraqi media," said Ziad, as quoted in today's Ottawa Citizen. "The truth is under attack. Even a newspaper delivery boy needs protection. For you to bestow this honor upon an Iraqi at this time of national tribulation is a great source of pride to us."

Finishing second and third in the contest were Lubomir Mihailov of Bulgaria and Angel Boligan Corbo of Mexico.


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