Journalists and AI: Is the newsroom big enough for both?


Axel Springer is just one of many news outlets — and their consumers — who are reorienting themselves to a media landscape where AI plays an increasingly large role. With the popularity of Silicon Valley company and Microsoft partner OpenAI’s increasingly sophisticated AI tools, and Google and Meta engineers hot on their heels, it is becoming quick and easy to generate AI-produced text with a minimum of prompting, leading some publications to experiment with using them to supplement articles, or even create full ones.

Yet the very nature of chatbots like ChatGPT — which don’t actually understand what they’re writing about, but only predict what belongs in a sentence based on previous information it has “learned” — seems to conflict with the fundamental purpose of journalism: to provide citizens with accurate information about world events. What role can, and should, AI play in the media landscape if it is unable to discern the difference between what is true and what is not?

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