Judy Miller Defends Leaker -- Of Harry Potter Ending!

By: E&P Staff Judith Miller, the former New York Times reporter who is something of an expert on leaks, was asked today on the Fox News show "Fox and Friends" about the burning issue of the day: Who leaked the pages from the new Harry Potter book and does she defend the leaker?

Miller said she didn't think the leaker giving away the ending of the book was the right thing to do but added, chuckling, "I would defend to the death his right to do it."

"So what does happen in this Harry Potter book?" she was asked. "I don't know," Miller said, laughing, fairly certain she would avoid jail in this case.

"I know you can keep a secret," one host noted.

Switching to the slightly more serious subject of the new National Intelligence Estimate finding al-Qaeda resurgent, a host told her, "You are an expert on terrorism."

"Everyone is an expert on terrorism today," Miller replied.

She said she was "not surprised" by the new al-Qaeda assessment, adding: "Obviously what concerns everyone is the prospective use of a weapon of mass destruction. We know that al-Qada has continued its quest for chemical and biological agents and radioactive material, but we don't know if they have gotten any of it."

She said dangers abound but "we are safer today given the spending of billions of dollars. It's just harder to walk onto an airliner and blow it up."


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