Koyen Shoots Back: Call Me Ugly, Just Not a Bad Employee

By: Jennifer Saba Former New York Press Editor Jeff Koyen disputed this morning that he was ?insubordinate? for running a parody cover of the New York Post inside a controversial issue making fun of the Pope.

Koyen acknowledged to E&P that Publisher Chris Rohland told him not to run a spoof of the Post, but only as a cover. He thought that he had the option of running it inside -- something he had similarly done in an issue on the Republican National Convention. Rohland said yesterday he suspended Koyen not for running the Pope mockery but for "insubordination."

?I have very thick skin and I have odd standards,? he said. ?I just don't want to be called a bad employee.?

Yesterday, Koyen resigned as editor of the alternative weekly.

"The Post cover is not the point. The point is the Pope article," Koyen said about the brouhaha. "I went on TV and radio all day on Friday with Catholic monsters defending free speech. [Rohland] should have suspended me Friday before I went through all this trouble."


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