'L.A. Times', Looking for Paris Hilton, Rings Student

By: UCLA student Shira Barlow has Paris Hilton's old cell phone number, and boy, is she getting calls.

From people with requests to get on guest lists at top L.A. nightclubs, and mostly between 2 and 4 a-m on weekends.

One man in a foreign accent purred to her, "Baby girl, how are you?"

The L.A. Times reports finding Barlow when a reporter dialed a number that sources said was Hilton's mobile line.

On Valentine's Day, Barlow's old phone fell into a toilet. She had it replaced with a three-one-zero number -- which turned out to be Hilton's.

Within days of Hilton's February 17th birthday, the texts and calls came.

Then Hilton went to jail, and calls about parties were replaced by dozens expressing their condolences.

Since Hilton's recent release, new calls are coming in. Even Hilton's former bodyguard sent his love.


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