Layoffs and buyouts at the Los Angeles Daily News p.

By: Editorial Staff THE LOS ANGELES Daily News has laid off 10 editorial staffers and worked out buyout arrangements with 15 other editorial employees, the paper reported.
The Daily News originally had planned to lay off 25 people in editorial but the plan was revised after three meetings between management and the Los Angeles Newspaper Guild, according to Guild administrative officer Jim Smith.
"It's still a bad situation but it could have been much worse," Smith told E&P.
A newspaper announcement said the reduction "was done as a means to streamline and refine the company's operations." The Daily News has more than 1,250 employees.
Earlier, a letter protesting the cuts signed by 153 editorial staff members, including some editors, was faxed to the News' owner, Jack Kent Cooke.
"We believe the quality of this newspaper is worth preserving. We urge you to consider alternatives to layoffs," the letter said.
The writers described the News as a "force to be reckoned with, as anyone at the Los Angeles Times would attest.
"We get a special feeling working for the paper so many in the Valley call their own ? akin to the feeling a player gets when donning a Redskins uniform," the letter continued. Cooke also owns the Washington Redskins.
"Journalists are a strange breed," the missive went on. "We're motivated by concerns that transcend money. That's not to say we're ignorant of the forces that have adversely affected our industry or that we don't appreciate the need to operate a sound business."
The buyout arrangement includes two weeks' severance pay, plus a week's salary for every year worked on the paper. Those laid off, including seven Guild members, had been at the newspaper for a year or less, with one exception, Smith said. The Daily News has an open shop.


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