Lio Cartoon Character Nabbed in Another Comic Strip

By: E&P Staff The star of a Universal Press Syndicate comic made a surprise appearance today in a King Features Syndicate strip.

Norm Feuti's Monday episode of "Retail" shows police officers at the King comic's store. A female character wonders if a shoplifter has been caught, only to be told by a male character that a "freaky little kid" was nabbed "filling up the lead crystal vases with live spiders."

The man adds: "You should have seen the smile on the kid's face. It was totally deranged."

To which the woman responds: "What would make a kid do something so creepy?"

Man: "I don't know. The little weirdo hasn't said a word."

At that moment, a police officer is shown with Lio, the oddball star of Mark Tatulli's Universal feature -- a pantomime comic with non-speaking characters.


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