Look Ahead: Product Hunt Launches Sip, a No-Spam Tech News App


Serving up easy-to-digest tech news in the palm of your hand is Sip, an app that distills and delivers top headlines in the tech industry for its users. The app is developed by Product Hunt.

“Every weekday, Sip delivers the most interesting and important tech stories of the day, from major product announcements to #throwbackthursday stories about products from yesteryear,” said Chad Whitaker, lead product designer for Sip. “You'll receive a silent push notification with today's most important industry happenings. If you want to learn more, you can open the app where you can dive deeper into short, tappable stories.”

Chad Whitaker

Sip, which recently launched, is laying ground in the news aggregator sphere. And it does it in a way that caters to the growing sentiment that easy-to-use is the way to go to attract audiences online, which is illustrated in the app’s aesthetically appealing presentation of stories. It also includes a polling feature at the end “so (readers) can quickly get an idea of what the community thinks about every topic we cover,” said Whitaker.

Likewise, to develop the app, the design team polled readers of Product Hunt.

“One simple question I led with was: ‘Why do you use Product Hunt?’ Many stated they use Product Hunt for the usual reasons: inspiration, the conversation, and to discover products and apps that can improve their lives,” Whitaker said. “But quite a few also explained how they use Product Hunt to stay up-to-date on new tech, to follow trends, and better understand what’s happening in this rapidly changing industry.”

Whitaker said readers’ answers displayed the perfect opportunity to provide a servicer for an identified need, which Sip delivers “while still allowing them to be productive.”

The overall concept behind Sip is something that traditional media organizations can learn from and even employ themselves. Learning from those who already use your service and figuring out what they need and delivering it in a way that cuts out the spam among the haze.

“The Sip app itself is purposely simple, focused solely on the content,” Whitaker said. “We send silent push notifications—without sound or a vibration—because staying informed should be in your control on your own time.”

Creating the Sip app wasn’t easy but how Whitaker and the team got through it is great advice for news organizations thinking about employing the concept in a similar fashion.

“We still have a lot to improve with Sip, but building a community around our product allowed us to expedite that entire process,” he said.

For more information, visit sip.fyi.

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