Making Connections and Delivering Value in the Age of Now

Our society is in the age of now. Long gone are the days when people had to rely on snail mail, dial-up internet, research via card catalogs, look for directions on a map and wait for the 5 o’clock news or tomorrow’s newspaper to find out what is happening in the world. Thanks to the digital transformation, people expect instant gratification more than ever. High speed internet networks and Google make it possible to look up virtually any piece of information in seconds. Products can be ordered, shipped and delivered sometimes in the same day. GPS devices give turn-by-turn directions to new destinations. And news is shared in real-time through social media and news outlet websites. Social Media This shift to the age of now is especially striking as millennials, who have grown up with technology at their fingertips, enter the workforce and become major consumers across industries. This generation doesn’t remember what it was like before the digital world and are a major force in driving the changes in consumer behaviors that impact businesses of all types. Newspapers and news organizations are not unique in needing to adapt to the way consumer behavior is changing from the digital transformation. With more news available than ever, from more sources than ever, accessible from multiple devices, it is critical for print and digital news outlets to find new and innovative ways to reach audiences, provide marketing value to advertisers and engage with communities. Vivial understands how complex today’s digital marketplace is and the challenge for news outlets, marketers and businesses of all types to find the right tools to keep pace with ever-changing consumer behaviors and preferences. Our new white paper, “Marketing in the Age of Dwindling Attention Spans,” looks at the key ways consumer behavior is changing and provides tips and solutions to help newsrooms effectively reach audiences in today’s “now” society, as well as provide innovative and valuable digital solutions to advertising partners. Vivial Some of these tools and strategies include:
  • Information now: As consumers are looking for instant, relevant and accurate information, newspapers will need to be at the top of search results. Search Engine Optimization, custom content and voice activated search will all be critical to help news outlets stay relevant to audiences and be a desirable partner for advertisers.
  • Speed: As attention spans dwindle, so does the patience for poorly performing or slow loading websites. Websites and digital ads that load quickly and are optimized for mobile will help capture and keep users’ attention.
  • Visual Content: If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth millions. As consumers view more and more video online, newsrooms will need to incorporate video content into their coverage, as well as offer video advertising options.
  • Accurate Information: Consumers have less tolerance than ever for inaccurate information, and rightly so. With today’s hectic pace, there is no time for errors. Businesses of all types need to ensure everything is accurate and up-to-date – including content on websites and all directory listings.
  • Simple Solutions: If consumers are overworked and harried keeping up with digital information overload, businesses and marketers are even more overwhelmed trying to keep up with the multiple channels and opportunities to connect with consumers on their purchasing journey. As news organizations provide digital marketing solutions to local businesses, it is essential to offer solutions that save them time while effectively reaching the right audience at the right time.
Vivial understands the demands of the ever-changing digital marketing world and works with providers of marketing solutions to ensure lasting success both for the provider and the end use customer. To learn more about Vivial, read our white paper, or connect with us, visit


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