Maureen Dowd: Hillary Is More Tony Soprano Than Carmela

By: E&P Staff Maureen Dowd's column for The New York Times today lampoons the image of Sen. Hillary Clinton in the well-received spoof of the "Sopranos" finale that she posted on her campaign Web site on Tuesday. Is Hillary playing Tony or has she been "Carmelized"?

Here is an excerpt. The full column is behind the pay wall at

Would Carmela, she of the pans of baked ziti and casseroles of veal parm, ever deny the omnivorous Tony onion rings?


But the Carmela-Tony pact was a lot less strict than the Hillary-Bill pact.

Besides, this is a Hillaryized Carmela, or a Carmelized Hillary, so Bill Clinton must munch carrot sticks in their diner scene.

Actually, Hillary?s probably playing Tony, since she?s the one studying the songs on the jukebox and checking out a cruel-looking stranger at the counter....

Like Carmela, who was rewarded with jewels, watches and building permits for her husband?s infidelities with his goomahs, Hillary, too, found a way to profit from her husband?s failings and flaws.

At a lunch Carmela had with her girlfriends at Vesuvio, the women spoke admiringly of Hillary as a role model, someone who was able to turn a sow?s ear of a marriage into a silk purse.

And like Tony, Hillary is so power-hungry that she can justify any thuggish means to get the prize.

In the Clintons? mob spoof, as a rather wooden Hillary is about to announce her song choice to a loose and funny Bill, the screen suddenly goes dark.

In the case of ?The Sopranos,? this was cause for perplexity. In the case of the Clintons, it?s an unwittingly satirical moment, because if there?s one thing we know about this tough New York family, it is that they will never, ever go dark.

Where?s a black screen when you need one?


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