McClatchy Iraqi Staffer Experiences IED Attack

By: E&P Staff For several months, E&P has been featuring postings from the Inside Iraq blog created by staffers at the McClatchy bureau in Baghdad.

Their full names are not given for security reasons. Below is the latest this weekend from one of the regulars, "Laith."

Good, I still have my two hands and they still working properly, and what else? oh, i still have my two legs working, I still have my head stuck to my neck, my two eyes working, my mouth and nose, no blood on my white T-shirt but why do I have this terrible pain in my ears?

oh now I know why. the reason of this pain in my ears is the explosion. it just happened two or three seconds ago. It is 8: 10 am when I was in the mini bus coming to work. A loud sound. OMG, its an explosion

man in the mini bus: "its a car bomb OMG. "

myself: "no it's not a car bomb. It's either a mortar shell or an IED"

the man again:-"its a car bomb, i saw a big piece of iron "

myself:-"ok its a car bomb but where is the black cloud? where is the big fire?

the man: " oh right, I think its an IED."

The explosion happened in short street which is full with the security guys. From one side, we have one of the most important ministries and at the other end of the street, there is a very important hotel guarded by tens of policemen, soldiers.

Between these important landmarks, we have two check points. So how did the man planted the IED there, in the middle. When the explosion happened, mess controlled the place, the security forces acted in a crazy way trying to move all the cars quickly but they just created more mess.

One of the young men in the mini bus with me lay down quickly. I told him "it's OK you don't need to do that because the loud sound of the explosion is the last thing happens in any explosion". I saw two teens running away to our side, Thanks Allah, they are safe, they were like 10 meters away from the IED while our mini bus was about 20-30 meters away.

Less than five minutes after the explosion, everything was normal and we started talking and laughing again and why not, its just an IED in Baghdad, So what, it's not the first and we are all sure it's not the last. It's just one more day in Baghdad .

Its just a typical Baghdadi day.


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