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By: David Noack to expand paper's technology coverage

Seeking to parlay its unique geographic location covering California's Silicon Valley, the San Jose Mercury News officially debuted Feb. 16, leading off with a comprehensive look at high-tech venture capital funding. The site builds off of the newspaper's technology reporting that has been popular among high-tech workers and the online news industry.
The kickoff story highlights how the SiliconValley raked in $4.55 billion in venture capital funding, a billion dollars more than in 1997 ? an increase of almost 29%, according to a Money Tree Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a business and financial advisory company. Venture capitalists increased their investments nationally by 24% over 1997, with Internet-related investments soaring 66%.
And for the first time, the full database of the survey will be available in a completely searchable format online. The venture capital survey is a quarterly study of equity investments made by the venture capital community in private companies in the United States.
Other features of the new Web site include: continuously updated news, from wire services, Mercury News editors, and staffers; regularly scheduled news reports on tech topics to provide the latest "need to know" information; major features packages on key technology events, such as the Department of Justice investigation into Microsoft; thought-provoking columns from the most respected writers in Silicon Valley; and a searchable database of the key 150 Silicon Valley companies.
"The Money Tree survey is an excellent example of what will do best," says Bob Ryan, director of online publishing at the Mercury News. "We're able to take an eagerly-awaited survey and deliver it in a flexible, manageable way, allowing readers to understand more comprehensively what a staggering amount of investment continues to flow into the innovators and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley."
Jay Harris, publisher of the Mercury News, says, "We've put together a package that is uniquely Silicon Valley. Unique because it applies the journalistic standards of a respected news organization to the hectic, hyperbolic world of technology ? then offers insights and context that could only be gained by covering this place and its people day in and day out."
In addition to editorial content, the site will also allow users to get technical information and includes an e-commerce feature, with links to sites where consumers can buy hardware, books, and software. There's even a contest for a new
laptop computer.
The move by Mercury Center to create a Web site devoted to high-tech news faces competition from CNET, the computer network based in San Francisco, and a slew of other online and computer news sources such as Ziff-Davis and Newsbytes.
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