'Miami Herald' Syndicated Columnist Oppenheimer Wins Award

By: E&P Staff Miami Herald foreign affairs syndicated columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Andr?s Oppenheimer has won the VII ALGABA prize in biography, autobiography, memoirs and historical research for a series of columns over the past three years examining the inability of Latin American countries to integrate.

The columns, to be published in a book titled "The Non-United States of the Americas," earned him a prize of $34,404.

"We all know that in our profession you're just as good as your last story, but it's an honor to be recognized by your colleagues for previous work," Oppenheimer told the Miami Herald.

Oppenheimer, who also serves as the Herald's Latin American editor, will be awarded the prize at a ceremony in Madrid, on Oct. 21.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oppenheimer -- who is syndicated by Tribune Media Services -- was a member of the Miami Herald's team that earned a 1987 Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Iran-Contra scandal. He has won the Inter American Press Association Award twice (1989 and 1994); the 1993 Ortega & Gasset Award; and the 2001 King of Spain Award, given by the Spanish news agency (EFE) and the King of Spain Juan Carlos I.


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