'Milwaukee Journal Sentinel' Will No Longer Put Papers in Subscribers' Doors

By: E&P Staff In a letter sent to subscribers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel announced that, starting today, the newspaper will no longer be inserted into their doors or delivery boxes, and instead simply left on their doorstep.

The letter, first posted on the Romenesko media news site, said that the main reason why the paper was making the move was to create a consistent system of delivery.

"Consistent delivery locations help carriers and their substitutes save time -- and that means we can continue to get you late-breaking news and sports scores before you leave your home each day," said the letter, which was signed by the Journal Sentinel's VP of circulation Sheila Davidson.

The letter also said the move would help to "insure distributor safety and to protect our subscribers from liability issues" (which could occur if a deliveryperson were injured on the homeowner's property).


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