MONDAY'S LINKS: 'LAT' Sportswriter, Murdoch, Drudge's '08 Spin

By: E&P Staff In today's links, Los Angeles Times sports writer Christine Daniels talks about how her sex-change operation is affecting her job, several looks at Rupert murdoch's bid for Dow Jones, and Salon looks at how political operatives are manipulating the news ahead of the 2008 election.


-- Newsweek: Christine Daniels wasn't eager to tell her readers at the Los Angeles Times about her new life. Then the e-mails came in.

-- Fortune: Court documents in an obscure New Mexico town shed light on Rupert Murdoch's fight for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, writes Tim Arango.

-- New York Times: Rupert Murdoch, tilting at digital windmills.

-- St. Petersburg Times: The message is mixed when hard-charging reporters quit to become advocates.

-- Salon: How professional political operatives secretly control the news you read about the 2008 campaign. Hint: It involves the Drudge Report, writes Michael Scherer.

-- Washington Post: While much of organized journalism recoils in horror from Rupert Murdoch's latest business gamble, let's see, as a thought experiment, if we can construct a case for his taking over the Wall Street Journal, writes Howard Kurtz.

-- Wall Street Journal: For the Bancrofts, Rupert Murdoch's Dow Jones offer tests the family's cohesion.

-- New York Sun: Some believe Murdoch could raise his offer to $70 a share.

-- Washington Post: You would think Web sites would want to keep the hate-mongers from taking over, but many sites are unwitting enablers, writes Tom Grubisich.


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