More Cartoons Satirize Armstrong Williams

By: Dave Astor At least three more editorial cartoonists have weighed in on the Armstrong Williams controversy.

Chip Bok of the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal and Creators Syndicate drew a cartoon showing George W. Bush in a chair writing. Laura Bush says: "Already editing your State of the Union speech, dear?" Her husband replies: "Nah. Armstrong Williams' next column."

Self-syndicated cartoonist Khalil Bendib pictured "Dr. Armstrong Williams Faust: Pundit 4 Hire" at his desk counting money. Meanwhile, a devil who looks like Bush carries away Williams' soul as a little bird comments: "240K for a soul? Cheap!"

Another self-syndicator, M.e. Cohen, did a cartoon captioned "The President's Lap Dogs" that showed Williams and real-canine Barney on leashes. Barney says to Williams: "You look ridiculous." Williams replies: "Me, ridiculous? How much are they paying you?"

Previously tweaking Williams was Robert Ariail of The State, Columbia, S.C., and United Media (E&P Online, Jan. 11).

Tribune Media Services terminated Williams' contract Friday after revelations that he accepted $240,000 from the Bush administration to promote the No Child Left Behind education law on his TV and radio shows and that he mentioned NCLB at least four times last year in his column.


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