Museum to Honor 40-Year-Old 'Wee Pals'

By: E&P Staff The Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Calif., is holding a free "community day" tomorrow to mark Black History Month.

Included will be a tribute to Morrie Turner, whose "Wee Pals" comic from Creators Syndicate turns 40 this year.

Cartoonists scheduled to appear at the museum tomorrow include "Jump Start" creator Robb Armstrong of United Media (which syndicates reruns of Schulz's "Peanuts"), "Herb and Jamaal" creator Steve Bentley of Creators, "Candorville" creator/"Rudy Park" co-creator Darrin Bell of the Washington Post Writers Group and United, "Jane's World" creator Paige Braddock, and 2004 Charles M. Schulz National College Cartooning Award recipient Nate Creekmore.

On Monday, Valentine's Day, red-haired girls (little and not so little) will receive free admission to the museum.


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