Nachman returns to television p. 23

By: Editorial Staff FORMER NEW YORK Post editor Jerry Nachman has found life after the madcap tabloid ? on the flickering screen. Nachman is hosting a new TV show in the fall lineup called Truth or Tabloid.
A kind of Truth or Consequences with at tabloid twist (one of the producers, Ralph Edwards, takes credit for Truth or Consequences), the half-hour show invites two contestants to spin outrageous yarns, true or false. It's up to Nachman to figure out which is which.
Nachman, who spent 20 years in New York TV news before a six-year hitch at the Post that ended in 1992, gets help from the studio audience and sidekick Andi Matheny, a TV actress. Dozens of stations, including Tribune Co.'s, have signed up to carry the show, making it available to 70% of the nation.
Produced by Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions, producers of the People's Court, Truth or Tabloid is syndicated by Group W Productions.
Meanwhile, former NBC News legal correspondent Star Jones will portray a judge as the star of a new show called Jones & Jury.
A kind of People's Court with a lawyer and journalist as judge, the show uses real-life litigants who agree to abide by Jones' decision. She and an audience hear the cases and question the parties. Jones rules based on applicable state laws, which she explains.


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