Nashville Passes Legislation Regulating Newspaper Racks

By: E&P Staff Nashville's Metro Council passed a bill Tuesday thqat it says will help to regulate newspaper racks on street corners, according to an article posted on

One of the city's councilmen Michael Craddock was quoted as saying "I think these folks that encroach on a public right of way have not been good neighbors here before, and at some point government has to take action to ensure that they be good neighbors."

The publisher of Nashville's Tennessean, Ellen Leifeld is quoted in the article as saying "A lot of people don?t want to admit this is a First Amendment issue.? If you raise it, they roll their eyes and say this is not a First Amendment issue.? It is a public safety issue or it an encroachment issue or cleanliness or tidiness issue. ... What happens if they cover an administration critically uncover issues of whatever, corruption or write stories that are critical of government. Which is what we are supposed to do that is our role. How is the governing body going to respond?"


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