'New' E&P premieres p.6

By: Editorial Staff Editor & Publisher's new approach and redesign were unveiled at the Newseum/NY as part of preview events drawing together industry executives from across the nation.
"We've been planning these changes in the magazine for nearly a year," said Colin Phillips, who serves as one of two E&P publishers along with his brother Christopher. "This is just the final step in moves to make E&P as current as possible. You may have already noticed over the past six months that we've become substantially more timely and aggressive in our news presentations."
Chris Phillips added: "As the only news weekly for the newspaper industry, our emphasis increasingly will focus on boldly headlining what happens in the business and editorial sides of our industry each week. While there are quarterlies, monthlies and bimonthlies out there trying to cover the newspaper industry, E&P remains as the sole source for breaking news coverage. We're still one of a kind, and we intend to make that even more apparent as we move to the 21st century."
James Robison, E&P's editor and senior vice president/news, said: "Timeliness is our No. 1 asset and opportunity for serving the industry. We intend to take advantage of that opportunity more than ever.
"But analysis and trend-spotting will have an equal place in our mix, with a special report highlighted each week as E&P's 'cover story,' " he noted.
As a result, he said, news headlines will now fill the cover space where ads have appeared for nearly eight decades.
While advertisers will no longer be able to buy the cover, they will have a special option to purchase inside-front-cover positions in conjunction with a corner tab on the cover alerting readers to their inside ad.
Dennis O'Neill, vice president/sales and advertising, said that new advertising options will accompany the redesign, including greater availability and cost-efficient uses of color plus possibilities for targeting specific audiences. For example, O'Neill said, 5,000 copies of the premiere issue of the redesigned E&P will be distributed with Advertising Age's Sept. 28 edition.

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