Newseum Cuts Staff 13%

By: E&P Staff The Newseum has reduced its staff for the second time since moving into its Washington, D.C., location in April 2008, according to The Washington Post.

The Post reports the news museum cut 29 full-time positions, or 13% of staff, late last month. That means total cuts since 2008 have reached 23%.

"The cuts are spread throughout the organization, but should not affect the experience of museum visitors," Ken Paulson, the museum's president, told the Post. He added there were "minor cutbacks" within the floor staff, who interact mostly with visitors.

But the paper also noted that attendance is on the rise, stating that Paulson revealed: "We will top 720,000, we are trending ahead of that. Month after month, we had exceeded last year's numbers. And our catering operations continue to drive revenue."


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