Newspaper chosen over information highway p. 45

By: Editorial Staff ARKANSAS NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIBERS overwhelmingly think the information superhighway will benefit the Razorback State ? but more overwhelmingly favor a newspaper on their doorstep, according to a survey.
A GTE Corp. survey of 350 readers found that though 49% of them hadn't heard of the information superhighway, 77% of them liked the idea when it was explained them.
Fully 79% prefer to get their news from old-fashioned newspapers delivered by hand.
Only 17% said news on TV screens was most appealing; 6% preferred personal computers; 3% liked fax.
Majorities of readers said they were unlikely to use an electronic newspaper archive, an electronic preview of the next day's paper or a personalized electronic newspaper.
The preferred vehicle for traveling the information highway was interactive TV, chosen by 42%, followed by the computer and the video telephone.


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