Newspaper Fields Call From Man Claiming To Be Fugitive

By: A man claiming to a Westville Correctional Facility escapee called The Herald Bulletin Saturday after the case was broadcast on the ??America's Most Wanted'' television show.

The caller told a reporter he was Kelvin Fuller, and he left the prison last week to seek help for an undiagnosed medical condition. He said he suffers from constant stomach aches and has been nauseated for several weeks.

??I complained to jail staff to no avail,'' the caller said. ??I'm drinking gallons of Pepto Bismol, taking pills, trying to deal with it''

He added that he had no intention of leaving before his undiagnosed condition arose.

??Instead of filing a grievance, or suing, I just decided to leave,'' he said. ??My whole idea was to do my time and come home in the appropriate way.''

He said he's been spending time in Indianapolis, and he is not dangerous but he's scared about how the manhunt for him will end.

The caller gave Fuller's date of birth and Social Security Number to the newspaper. Both matched with court records filed with arson and burglary charges that led to his imprisonment.

Fuller, 40, of Anderson, escaped Wednesday morning from the medium-security prison by breaking through a prison storage building and climbing a fence, authorities have said.

He was serving time for crimes that included robbery, battery, criminal confinement, burglary, arson, and escape from lawful confinement. He was scheduled to be released March 2, 2012.

Since the Wednesday escape, state police believe Fuller broke into a home near the prison, stole car keys and a white Chevrolet Malibu, robbed a female bus driver in Merrillville and a Fifth Third Bank branch in Fishers.


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