Newspaper Fights Police Over Seizure of Newsroom Computer

By: The New Castle News is challenging the police seizure of a newsroom computer that authorities say a reporter used to record a phone conversation with two public officials.

The New Castle News published a story today saying they plan to challenge the seizure in court.

Northwest Lawrence Regional Police got a search warrant and seized the computer July 25th after a reporter at the newspaper, who is married to the police chief, told the chief that an interview he had given to another reporter had been recorded without the chief's knowledge.

Pennsylvania law requires both parties to consent before a phone conversation can be recorded. The reporter who recorded the interviews has not been charged with a crime, but the D-A says the investigation is continuing.

The newspaper's attorney, James Manolis, says Pennsylvania's recording statute may not be legal and that some past court cases have found that the law doesn't always apply to journalists.


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