Newspaper Investigative Projects p.22

By: M.L. Stein HIghlighted at A display at this year's IRE convention in New Orleans were:
u The Kansas City (Mo.) Star - "Money Games Inside the NCAA"
u Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel - "Profits From Pain," on Florida's HMOs
u New York Daily News - "The Silent Killer," New York asthma epidemic
u Boston Sunday Herald - "Scientology Unmasked"
u Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Army misled troops who got vaccine in Bosnia"
u Boston Sunday Globe - "Public handouts enrich drug makers, scientists"
u Seattle Times - "Fear in the Fields," on hazardous waste becoming fertilizer
u New Orleans Times-Picayune - "Jackpot," on politics and gambling
u Miami Herald - "Dirty Votes," on the city's mayoral election
u USA Today - "The Zilog Mystery," on sick workers and leaking chemicals
u Chicago Tribune - "Military scrap reborn as firearms,"on U.S. gun market
u Hackensack, N.J., Record - "Dirty Money," how U.S. firms score in drugs
u Columbus Dispatch - "Your Money, Their Travel," on travel expense abuse
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