Non-profit Metro Production Conference (MPC) dissolves after 52 years


It started in 1968 with the transition of newspaper printing from Letterpress to Offset. The Goss Metroliner press was the popular choice for newspapers moving to offset. A group was formed for the collaboration and information sharing of those embarking into this new technology. It became known as the Metro Users Group (MUG). For the past 52 years information was shared, friendships were made and above all production was improved. In recent years, the conference began to include users of other press manufacturers and changed the name to Metro Production Conference (MPC).

All those industry vendors and delegates who supported, participated and organized our annual meetings over the past 52 years should be proud of what we accomplished. We shared information to those hoping to learn more, provided support to those looking for help, and contacts to those wishing to build a professional network. Most importantly we brought together a group of friends and acquaintances every year to share business news and personal experiences.

The consolidation of newspaper publishers and printers, along with the COVID-19 pandemic have had a major impact for all of us in the print media industry. MPC was also impacted, as our delegates and vendors are limited by both budgets and travel restrictions.

The MPC board of directors met this fall and reviewed our status. We determined that it was unrealistic to continue to hold conferences from both a financial and participation point of view. Unfortunately, we have decided to dissolve our MPC nonprofit organization.

The MPC board of directors would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the newspaper delegates and especially the many vendors that have supported our conference over the last 52 years. Farewell and thanks to all of you!!

Your Metro Production Conference Board: Nick Vangelos, Ray Walsh, Jason Birket, Alvin Nesmith, Jeff Lansing and David Stenstrom


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