Non-subscribers Get New Front Page on

By: E&P Staff The Wall Street Journal Online launched a new homepage on Friday that allows non-subscribers access to more of its free content.

Previously, the amount of free content obvious to non-subscribers was roughly five to 10 stories on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage that read, "Free Today." But there was actually more free content than that throughout the site.

Subscribers who automatically log on to (who have their cookies enabled) will now be directed to the site's previous homepage, which is still dominated by subscriber content. Non-subscribers who visit the site will start at the new front page, where more free content can be found.

In addition to daily news stories, the free content will include the entire "Personal Finance" and "Markets Data" sections, as well as all videos, podcasts, and more than a dozen blogs.

The Journal hopes that access to the free content will give readers a good idea of its content and editorial approach, and that they will eventually subscribe. Currently, is the largest paid-subscription news site on the Web.


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