NOW He Tells Us: U.S. Senator, in Letter to Editor, Calls Old Iraq War Plan Wrong

By: E&P Staff In a letter to the editor published today by The New York Times, Sen. Christopher ("Kit") Bond of Missouri, an influential Republican, declares that the administration until recently had the "wrong plan" for Iraq for three years. Unfortunately, he did not tell anyone about his until today.

Bond's letter, meant to praise the current "surge" effort, raised the question of how often he had spoken out against the "wrong plan" since 2003. Glenn Greenwald, the blogger, investigated and found: not at all.

"While he now claims that the last three years were a failure because we had the wrong strategy, Bond -- like the vast, vast majority of the Republican Party and war supporters generally -- spent the last three years telling Americans that we had the right strategy and were winning in Iraq, while attacking and demonizing those who suggested otherwise:," Greenwald writes.

He then cites several examples. The post is at


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