'NY Post' Sues German Filmmaker Over Websites

By: Joe Strupp The New York Post is suing a German filmmaker for using the newspaper's trademark Web site and logos to allegedly "get back" at the paper for publishing an unflattering article about his movie, the New York Sun reported Tuesday.

Uwe Boll allegedly created two Web sites that are "direct copies of the New York Post's Web site, ny-postal.tk and postal-themovie.com/mag, to promote his movie, 'Postal,'" the Sun reported, adding that The Post asked a federal judge to enjoin Boll from using the Web site and transfer the domain names to the Post. It is also asking for unspecified damages.

The Web site represents "brazen and unlawful infringement of the New York Post's valuable intellectual property," the Post claims in its lawsuit, filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, according to the Sun. Boll's movie reportedly parodies September 11, 2001, and other controversial topics, and is based on a computer game of the same name. The conflict between the Post and Bolls started on April 15, when the Post published an article announcing the movie's release, the Sun reported.

The article called the movie "the first mass-marketed film to mock the tragedy of 9/11." Boll was quoted in the article defending the film, including the use of footage depicting planes crashing into the World Trade Center: "We did it to show the unbelievable stupidity of suicide bombers," the Sun quoted him saying.

The lawsuit claims the filmmaker set up the "Postal" Web sites after the article ran in an "effort to ?get back' at the New York Post." Post spokesman Steven Rubenstein told the Sun he was confident in the merits of the lawsuit.


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