Offbeat: Welcome to Pittsblogh!


By: Nu Yang

Offbeat: Welcome to Pittsblogh!

Scroll through the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette’s Pittsblogh and you’ll find a list of local public transportation pet peeves, reasons why it’s awesome to live in Pittsburgh, and an article about the Perseid Meteor Shower. These are just some of the diverse topics digital news editor Kim Lyons and her team of “bloghers” have been posting since the site launched in July at  

Lyons said she and assistant managing editor for social media and engagement strategy Mila Sanina created the site to not “jump into conversations, but to start conversations.” Other bloghers include reporter and online editor Sara Bauknecht; social media content editor Heather Schmelzlen; and online editor Pete Zapadka.  

Lyons said topics will range from fun pieces to news stories, but they will all be about Pittsburgh. The blog is updated daily with a mixture of original content and aggregated tweets and other sources.  

Lyons said Pittsblogh is a way to showcase the city’s evolving identity. “People think Pittsburgh is just an industrial city, but it’s not that anymore,” she said. “I hope that Pittsblogh becomes a site where people can weigh in on a community level.”

As for the “h,” that’s not a typo; Lyons said it’s a way to pay homage to the city’s name.


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