OK, Go: Gary Pruitt Rocks the Mid-Year Review

By: E&P Staff McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt has often used rock songs to spice up some rather dry financial presentations to analysts over the years and it was no different today, if things went according to plan.

Reuters reports: "For Wednesday?s presentation to the Wall Street crowd at the Mid-Year Media Review in New York, the selection is 'Here It Goes Again,' the song that the band OK Go made an instant hit with its video of the members running around on choreographed treadmills.

"So why that song? Could it be the lyrics? Pruitt says no: 'I?m counting on people not being able to understand the lyrics. It?s more of just a spirit of the song as opposed to the words of the song because the words are not really relevant.'"

Reuters then quoted from the lyrics:

Just when you think you?re in control,
just when you think you?ve got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.


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